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CPCA Website Redesign

Storyworks is a semester-long project undertaken at Centennial College with a real client. The goal was to create a full recommendation package of changes that could be implemented to improve the usability of the Canadian Process Control Association's website. The CPCA is a professional association for members of the process control industry- people and companies who make parts for the automation industry itself. Members may be CEO's, managers, engineers and administrators and represent companies with anywhere from two to two-thousand staff. 



Information Architecture

The recommended site architecture, based on the concept of "I want to..." Click to enlarge.  

Group 160.jpg

Sample Persona

With user surveys and interviews, I built the persona of Jay, who represented the Board members of the CPCA.

Click to enlarge. 

Jay Khan.png

User Journey

This user flow imagines how Jay might experience the new Education section of the site and browse for courses he could take to up his credentials.

Click to enlarge. 

Interactive Component

The interactive component was a drop-down search menu that would allow members to find courses that fit their needs, based on three filter options. 

Click through to view the screens. 

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